Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why do all the dog parks have that one annoying owner.

Did you ever notice that when you go with your owner to the dog park there is that one other owner who has the biggest dog the attacks us all and he just sits there in his chair and watches?

I am a big dog, with a tough name like rabies, but honestly I am pretty much a pussy cat. Although I am about 75 pounds myself I really only like to play with little squirt dogs that are half my size, but I am gentle and they like to play with me.

It never fails, I will be wandering around the park playing with my little buddies when all of a sudden, acting like the bully on the end of the street, the 100 pound PitBull comes charging around the oak tree and wants to play ruff.

We scream, bark and curse at him but he doesn't care, he is the bully. In some estranged world in which his owner lives, the owner, the only one that can control this mutt thinks we are playing with him and thinks the 100 pound dog mounting the 4 pound teacup chihuahua is cute!

Get with it owners, if your dog is having his way with a dog one 15th it's size, the little guy probably doesn't like it and please pry him off my ass.

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